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Course Description

How can we help students understand better, and remember more from a lesson? Can something that is effective be fun and creative at the same time?

What are the strategies that will help our students save precious time and at the same time make memories more lasting? The answer is definitely no underlining, highlighting, rereading, simple repetition, or end-of-term tests. According to the latest scientific research many commonly used study habits are unproductive, so we need to replace them with practices that actually work and result in durable learning.

Brain-Based Learning refers to techniques that take into account evidence-based information about how our brains work. This course questions and challenges conventional teaching methods which were previously believed to be unquestionable.

The goal of the course is to help educators improve and accelerate the learning process by designing their teaching activities according to what the human brain needs to perform well.

During the course, participants will be actively involved in trying out and reflecting on many different techniques. They will experience first-hand how brain based techniques work and how easy it is to apply them creatively once they understand the underlying principles about attention, context, memory formation, timing, testing, pre-testing and motivation. They will design activities, lessons, and courses that will result in student engagement, better understanding and better retention.

Participants will return home filled with new ideas, new approaches, tips and tricks and a fresh outlook on their teaching process. They will also be able to give students informed advice on how to become better learners by studying smarter, not harder.

And, hopefully, along the way participants will become better learners themselves.

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