Digital Media Literacy: Essential Skills for the Digital Age - Helsinki

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Course Description

The amount of technology that fills our days was completely unpredictable just 15 years ago. As a consequence, some skills that historically were considered fundamental to learn in school have taken a back seat (memorizing facts, calculating something…) while new and dynamic critical faculties are needed to navigate this new digital landscape.

Digital media literacy refers to the ability “to Access, Analyze, Evaluate, Create and Act using all forms of communication.”

Everything around us is media: books, movies, ads, websites, social networks, platforms… We spend most of our days with digital media, so it’s crucial that we understand who created it, for what purpose, and how it affects us.

During this course, we are going to take a look at the history of media literacy (understanding how to navigate new media is not a new problem!) but also at how the business around traditional and digital media works, and reflect on your role as media creator.

In the age where the majority of our information comes from social media, it’s more important than ever to make future generations aware of the mechanism behind the news system.

We need to guide our students towards an aware consumption of media products, first of all recognizing that every media content is created by someone, for a reason.

At the end of this course, you will be able to evaluate the credibility and quality of the media content you come across, you will understand the role of algorithms in your everyday life and become a responsible content creator.

You will also develop the skills to be able to pass this content on to your students, creating activities that help them be literate when it comes to digital media!

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