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🚶‍♀️ Activities: Two guided city tours and a full-day excursion.
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Course Description

We all are collections of stories. Stories shape our reality, and define our identities and lives. Accordingly, those who master the art and craft of storytelling have a great advantage in communication, are more effective in their work, and more successful in their social life. Moreover, if storytelling is important for anyone, it is even more fundamental for those—such as teachers—who made of communication their daily professional activity.

This course will introduce the participants to the core features of storytelling examining stories from the oral tradition as well as contemporary and technology based stories from movies, comics, and videogames. The course will cover topics like story structures—i.e., what makes the “bones” of a successful story—, and how to engage an audience regardless of the medium used. Together, we will explore the development of myth, the “stories that always are, but never happened” (Sallustius), how deeply rooted they are in the collective unconscious (Jung), and what are the links with popular formats like fairy tales or contemporary comics or hit movies, including the work on the “Monomyth” by Joseph Campbell. Every topic will have a strong experiential phase, and participants will have the opportunity to practice immediately what they learnt. The course will encourage participants to tap into their potential as narrators and story creators and become effective communicators, who master a variety of tools for storytelling. By its end, the participants will be more aware of the immense power stories have in everyday life, and will be able to use this understanding to improve their education, professional and personal life.

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