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Emptiness, exhaustion, enervation ...

Nowadays, we experience burnout and stress in our everyday lives. People working in education and social work fall into the trap of burnout almost unnoticed. Not only factors such as an unpleasant boss or co-workers or problems in the classroom make our lives difficult, but also our ever-accelerating world is ever so gradually disrupting our natural daily rhythm.

The phenomenon of burnout has very specific signs that enable us to take preventive measures well before it becomes an issue. Consequently, this course is not only intended to describe the theoretical concept of stress and burnout, but also provide the participants with strategies that can prevent them from smeltering in the winds of burnout.

How we handle stress and how we cope with daily issues vary from person to person. In addition to raising awareness of their own stressors and coping strategies, participants of the course will receive a wide range of practical stress management strategies that will improve how they adapt and respond to individual stressors as well as strengthen their psychological immune system.

What is the course about?

What is burnout?
signs, symptoms and the phenomenon of burnout
What is stress and how it affects our bodies?
the consequences of burnout: personal, social (partnership, family)
What is the cause of our burnout?
What does burnout have to do with perfectionism?
Is there a "burnout personality"?
When is perfection worthwhile?
mapping individual stressors
mapping your own lifestyle
recognitions of positive psychology
the technique of progressive muscle relaxation
stress management tools

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