Using Smartboards to Teach Languages - Dublin

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🚶‍♀️ Activities: A guided city tour and a full-day excursion.

📅 Starting date: Every third Monday of the month.

🏫 Also available in: Cluj-Napoca and Florence.

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Course Description

This course is designed to offer participants an insight into using smartboards to help teach a language. The smartboard allows a much more interactive approach to teaching, with electronic textbooks and multimedia resources at your disposal. It also allows easy access to videos or even other language learning platforms which can be a great way of gaining enthusiasm in the classroom.

The course will start from the very basics of how to use the devices, to more advanced tasks that can eventually be achieved. During the week, participants will learn to compare and analyse different devices and their uses.

By the end of the course, teachers will have gained more knowledge in how to incorporate these smartboards into their lessons, using it as an educational tool that can bring new versatility and creativity into the classroom.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Dublin, Irlandia

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Europass Teacher Academy
Europass Teacher Academy
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