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Team building activities also give kids the chance to build relationships with each other and develop their social skills.

Under the age of 12 pupils are really open-minded , curious and have desire to learn , that’s why is a good age to teach them how to communicate , think creatively, cooperate in team work.

Team buliding games are perfect for buliding the self esteem, they learn more about their capabilities. They even become abla to achieve more goals in shool as well.

An another benefit of the team building activities is that social skills can be developed , the kids have to work closely to attain a desired the results. Kids learn how to communicate successfully.

Simple and fun games keep the children focused, the possibility to lose interest is minimalised. If they learn in an experimentaly way they learn in an effective way.

In these training you will learn how and when to do team building in class. What games are good for what issues for example: communication, coperation, self-knowledge , problem solving , motivation, handling conflicts, etc.

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