Digital Media: The Classroom of the Future- Verona

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The course will move from an introduction of the new technological world, towards a practical application of different social media programs. Emphasis will be placed on the most popular social media and on their potential in educational settings. Teachers will be provided with a wide range of practical teaching activities to enable them to make their classes more effective and enjoyable. At the same time, we will move from the negative aspects and danger that technology can hide, such as Cyberbullying, to its positive side, and the responsible and useful usage of these tools.

By the end of the course, you will be able to “speak” the same language of the new generations of students and have a clearer understanding of their world by enhancing engagement and improving the communication between students and teachers.

New generations of students have available to them a tremendous amount of information and possibilities, and todays’ teachers can help and guide them in exploiting the Web in a positive way.

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Europass Teacher Academy
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