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If I asked you who was important for you during your educational development in your childhood, probably most of you would easily mention two significant roles: parents and teachers. These ‘key actors’ play such an important role in our educational path, not only because we learn from them and
because they teach us but also because they inspire us and help to create who we are.

It is easy to notice that both parents and teachers take part in non-formal and formal education of children and teenagers. This, it is very important to create the environment where the youngsters feel safe and they
can develop their skills and gain knowledge while surrounded by supportive and integrated community.

The message received by pupils should be clear: ‘we all are here for you!’ However, is it possible to create such a ‘dream team’ at schools? What kind of strategy should be used to do so? What tools and ideas can be applied? What can teachers do to build good partnership with parents?

During this course we will have a chance to analyse the goals, needs and expectations related to key factors of educational system. We will think and discover how to establish an integrated community in order to support and motivate students.

Moreover, we will focus on the crucial role of teachers in building such a ‘dream team.’ As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to develop and expand your skills in order to build a strong relationship with parents. You will learn the new communication tools
such as non-violent communication method and the Enright’s method. Furthermore, we will get to know how to involve new technologies in building relationship with parents. Additionally, you will understand
the important role of empathy and feelings in case of problem solving in school community and use your knowledge in practice by analysing real situations.

Finally, we will try to collect all new ideas and tools to prepare a guidebook on how to build a good partnership with parents, so that you will have some ready made strategies to use after the course.

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idevelop Training S.L.
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