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Maggam LTD

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Our mission is to contribute to the competitiveness of Europe in the competitive struggle for development. We strongly believe that we should start it with the education.
That is the reason why we intend to support our colleagues to remain creative, enthusiastic, innovative and well-informed in many ways.
We provide outstanding, cutting edge, internationally accepted, up- to- date knowledge in a funny, inspiring atmoshere during our courses. We guarentee to improve your creativity and logical/ critical thinking, fruitful cooperations, irregular methods and memorable moments.
Our research group constantly conducts researches in order to improve the level of education and give you up-to-date knowledge. Talent/giftedness and STEM competencies are in the focus of our research plans. Hungary has great tradition in supporting talented/gifted children even it is demanded by the Law of Education. Our government spends millions of Euros on different "talent-projects" annually. Our professionally demanding experts give you information firsthand not only on talented/gifted children but also on other current issues.
Besides our teacher trainings we are eager to provide you:
1. a mixed program - job shadowing in the morning and visiting factories, firms, different entertainment or education centres, escape rooms in the afternoon. We have extensive partnership so we intend to organize the most constructive program for you.
2. exercises for English lessons that are traditional in a way, but capable to improve logical thinking, creativity, arguing techniques, etc.

We are planning: publish a classbook on teaching English by means of different kinds of robots. This is based on our latest research results.
2. to supply you with modern, self-designed decoration and posters for your classrooms.

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