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We are seeking PARTNERS in Italy, France, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey for our KA121 project.
The project is aimed at students aged 16-18 who enjoy participating in science projects and feel close to an ecological approach. The aim is to learn about:
-Our own marine ecosystems and that of our partners
-The impact of economy models on environment and vice versa
-Marine plants and animals in danger
-Marine litter
-The European Geen Deal

Our mobilities will be both for teachers and students to learn abot each others' ecosystems IN SITU. There will also be a preparatory mobility for teachers.
We want to get the collaboration of local athorities and we expect to be working with the Department of Marine Biology of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
The final product will be a video/documentary of the experience.

We are seeking PARTNERS in Italy, France, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey for our KA121 project.
Expected tasks are:
-To show us their Marine Ecosystems and what they do to protect them
-To reflect upon the situation of Marine Litter on their coast and what is needed to protect their ecosystems
-To participate with their students in the mobilities
-To participate in the making of a video/documentary of the project and its conclusions.

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Wzmacnianie rozwoju kluczowych kompetencji; Zwiększanie poziomów osiągnięć i zainteresowania przedmiotami naukowymi, technologicznymi, inżynieryjnymi i matematycznymi (STEM)
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IES Sorts de la Mar
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Wysłano przez Theodore Karayannis

Hello from Volos city in central Greece on the Sea First of all I would like to wish you a happy, healthy and creative new year! I read your very interest project idea and since environment is in the frames of our organization interest let me present ourselves and the activities can be performed here during your visit. We are a non-profit organization named Europerativa (, under construction for 2021 approved projects) interested in forging new long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual benefit. We are based in Volos (central Greece on the sea ) and we have a broad interest in activities and initiatives related to EACEA / KA1 and KA2 Erasmus+ projects on a) Social inclusion b) Promotion of European values c) Civic engagement and d) Digital education and use of digital tools and learning methods and e) environment. Our organization and staff have also extensive experience in project management since 1995 and thus we actively support our partners throughout the project's lifecycle by systematically designing, coordinating and implementing its various elements. For Erasmus projects we also manage the EU project activities of the 4th Lyceum of Volos, pupils aged 15-18, 3rd Gymnasium of Volos pupils aged 12-15, 2nd Gymnasium of Nea Ionia Volos pupils from marginal social groups aged 12-15 And EEEEK Laboratory for pupils of Special Training Needs aged 12-20 During your visit there we could manage visits to: The laboratories of the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Environment, University of Thessaly • Oceanography • Ichthyology - Hydrobiology • Oceanography • Aquaculture • Marketing & Technology of Fishery Products and Food • Hydraulic & Inland Water Management We could also visit the • Installation of the biological cleaning of home waste of Volos City and • Organized Sea Park and its activities to Alonnisos island 3h by boat from Volos in heart of Aegean Sea. • The above local schools to discuss directly with teachers and Students on protection of the environment We are to your disposal for any additional info and/or an online discussion any time. Kind Regards Theodore Karayannis Chemist Ph.D. EU Projects Manager Mob: +30 694 555 4605 Skype address: theodore.karayannis

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Wysłano przez Maria Peña

Dear Theodore, thank you very much for replying to our proposal! Is it ok with you if we communicate via email? It is much more agile for me! I think we could do a very interesting project together! I’ll send you an email this evening. Looking forward to getting into detail! Best wishes, María Peña

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Wysłano przez Maria Peña

Sorry, I thought i would find your email on the contact tab, but couldn’t find it! Would you mind sending it to me? Thank you!

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Wysłano przez Maria Peña

Hi Theodore! Are you still interested in our project? Best wishes, Maria

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Wysłano przez Gülcan Ayaz Fidan

Greetings from Izmir/Turkey. I am a Chemistry teacher at a VET school, students aged 14-18. We are interested in increasing the success of science lessons with interdisciplinary approaches in vocational schools and learning more STEAM applications to our teaching methods. We can manage visits for students and teachers to Center of Sea Creatures Collection in a Faculty of Fisheries in our city. If you want more information about our school we can send you our PIF. You can write to me at the following address: Best regards, Gülcan

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Wysłano przez Serap Şirin

Hi, I am interested in your project. I am working at a High School as an English Teacher. We have experience on Erasmus+ and e-Twinning projects. We are a high school in Izmir, a city with rich culture and history,interested in new projects ( teachers and students mobility) . We have also knowledge about the European Green Deal We can; - show you our Marine Ecosystems and what we do to protect them -reflect upon the situation of Marine Litter on our coast and what is needed to protect our ecosystems - participate with our students in the mobilities - participate in the making of a video/documentary of the project and its conclusions. please check the links below Our School (ages:13-18) İzmir-Our Location prepared by our students Thanks in advance... Email: serapsirin74 Best Regards Serap Şirin

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Wysłano przez Ali İlengiz

Hello, I am the principal of Izmit secondary school. I hope you and your family are well. We have a lot of work in my school about your project topics. We would like to be partners in your project. We have completed 6 projects so far. We are experienced. I have a hardworking team. There are 700 students and 52 teachers in my school. I expect good news from you. My school: contact:

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Wysłano przez Hale Başoğlu

Greetings from Turkey! I'm Hale Basoglu. I'm an English language teacher at Ispartakule Anatolian High School. Our school is in Istanbul. We have taken part in different e-Twinning projects before. And now, we're excited to be involved in your project! Since we've recently experienced the threats of sea saliva on the life of underwater animals, our school has highly been interested in this topic. Here's a video about sea saliva; We also devote attention to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Number 14: Life Below Water. We aim to contribute to this project to take advantage of other countries' experiences and convey ours in this field. In this project, we are planning to carry out many theoretical and practical activities based on marine pollution. By seeing the work carried out against marine pollution on-site, you will have the chance to benchmark your countries' geographical qualities, in the light of the new information that we have learned from each other. You will have the opportunity to visit the world's largest thematic aquarium named 'Aqua Florya' located in Istanbul. We will guest you in the waste disposal and recycling facility which is the third-largest facility in the world and also the largest one in Europe. We wish your participation in Blue Flag Environmental Educational activities such as seabed cleaning (diving), coastal cleaning, little blue hands painting exhibition (themed marine pollution), and environmental education. In these activities, our aim is questioning, raising awareness, being action-oriented; feeling, experiencing, and discovering nature. And also we will be honored to host you on a cultural tour of the Bosphorus, which connects Asia and Europe, where dolphins and many different marine species live. Our ideas will arouse with your contributions, support, and all of those studies, with the help of your sensitivity to the subject. With the power of collaborative working, this project will become more effective and productive. With the contribution of our teachers' and students' mobility, we would love to join you and help protect our seas. We would like to hear from you. Best regards, Hale Basoglu E-mail:

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IES Sorts de la Mar
IES Sorts de la Mar


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