Development and Implementation of the systemic solution of extremism prevention in basic schools pupils

Opublikowano: 18.07.2019

Aims of the project is to implement all the steps necessary to set up a systematic approach to the prevention and elimination of extremism among children and young people at elementary and secondary schools:
- to find out the value orientation of the current population of pupils aged 11-15
- to identify risk factors of low quality of life of pupils following radicalization and extremism (poverty, marginalization, exclusion from the peer group, bullying, racism, unemployment, domestic violence, psychological problems, etc.)
- design and validate of diagnostic tools to assess the risk of radicalization / extremism
- setting up and verifying the system of interventions for the pupil, his / her family, class, schools and counseling facilities at the level of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention
- processing of methodological guidelines and educational activities for professional and pedagogical staff in the counseling and prevention system

We are looking for partners to be involved in international survey on the target group of children and youth of second grade of primary and secondary school (11-18 years old). For the target group, we will find out and / or verify:
- value settings for certain age groups
- determinants which are directed towards extremist attitudes and radicalization
- diagnostic tools to assess the risk of a positive attitude towards extremism and radicalization
- intervention programs for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention

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Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology (VUDPaP)
Instytucja rządowa lub samorządowa
Bratislava, Słowacja

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Wysłano przez Ülkü Kılıç

Hello , We are from Bursa , TURKEY . WE are a provincial directorate of national education in Bursa . So long as you think of writing a ka201 or ka202 project , including a provincial directorate to your project may be good for the acceptence of the project and also we are so very experienced in the management and planning of ka201 and ka2 projects. I think we have much to give to this project . I am looking for your answer soon. My e mail address is : Best wishes

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Wysłano przez FİLİZ SEKRETER

Dear colleague, We are a prestigious private school in Istanbul and we are interested in your project. Radicalization and extremism, especially through bullying, domestic violence, psychological problems, and maybe the isolation problem of the technological age appear as a serious threat for the kids. We are an experienced team and we'd like to discuss more to join your project. You can contact us through Kind regards

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Wysłano przez Özge Güleryüz

Hello I am an English teacher and an experienced partner from Izmir, Turkey. We took parts at Erasmus+ projects ,Comenius ,language camps and e-Twinning. We are still working on at KA2 as a partner . Our students are eagerly working on projects since they have mobilities with nice memories at previous ones. My students are 11-14 and also we have 20 disabled students .I am excited to work on the topic because last year we worked on a regional project " Education of Ethics". We tried to prevent nowadays negative behaviours and give importance to positive ones. Our counselors also gave seminars both to pupils and the families. To talk more, please contact me. Özge

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Wysłano przez Hasibe Şevik

Dear Colleague, We are a group of teacher from Turkey. We are active in the field of Erasmus projects since 2008 and we have run many successful projects. We have eperience for creating -applying survey and analyze it. So, we would like to cooperate with you as a partner in many ways. For example we can plan the projects together ,organise outputs, professional trainings,dissemination and technical items such us creating web site, creating project film ,educational materials etc. It is a pleasure to share our experience with you and plan the project in a cooperation. To more details please contact via

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Wysłano przez ALİ HAYDAR TURAN

Dear Collegue; I am a deputy manager of my Kartepe Public Education Center. I'm writing from Kocaeli in Turkey. There are 8.000 students and 120 teachers in my school. The age group of our students are 7-60. I already did 2 projects coordinated by the me. At the moment, We want to join a new project. So at this term we want to be partner you Erasmus+ KA2 Project. If you need a good and experience partner, we are here. :) I am waiting your feedback asap. I already did 2 projects coordinated by the Czech Repubic, France and me. 2016 – 2017 : “The Training of Adult Education Trainer Concert with the Refugees” ( KA 101 Project ) 2017 – 2019 : ”Supporting progesional development of migrant – related educators” ( KA 204 Project ) We believe that If we have the chance to take part in another European project, there will be a big improvement not only in our own educational environment but also in our whole region. Regards, Ali Haydar TURAN Deputy Manager Kartepe Public Education Center Köseköy Mah Gazi Yasin Sad No :19 PBx:41180 Köseköy - Kartepe / KOCAELİ - TURKEY +90 262 373 66 40

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Wysłano przez Filip Irina

Hello! We are a college from Iasi - one of the biggest city from Romania. We educate children from 3 to 18 and we also have previous experience in international projects and programs. We are interested to be your partner in your future projects. We need some more information. I am waiting for your answers. Best regards!

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Wysłano przez Martina Corazza

Good morning, we are a social cooperative named PROGETTO CRESCERE, based in Reggio Emilia, Italy (PIC numer 946124615). We are a multi-professional team (psychologists and pedagogues), we work in agreement with preschool, primary and secondary and high schools, to support pupils, students, teachers and parents, though projects and trainings. We work in European Projects since 2008, organizing Grundtvig, Comenius and Erasmus+ projects about educational, psychological and pedagogical topics ( We are providers of Erasmus+ KA1 training courses about several educational topics ( About bullying prevention and good climate development in schools, we have several experiences at European and local level. At European level, we have a KA1 course “No bullying in my school” ( At local level, in addition to training courses, we manage in-class projects about bullying, cyber-bullying and development of good relationships between students. We are interested in strategic partnership, in order to share experiences and good practices and to build new models of intervention. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us: Best wishes, Martina Corazza Psychologist Progetto Crescere

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Wysłano przez Nuray Ozbosnalioglu

Kadikoy Guidance and Research Centre (Istanbul, Turkey) We are psychological counsellors and special education teachers working at Kadikoy Guidance and Research Centre which is a government institution under the Turkish Ministry of National Education. We identify the abilities and the needs of the people and make individualized educational programmes for students who are examined in our institution to support their educational, psychological and social needs. Also we are responsible for the academic and practical development of psychological counsellors and special education teachers in our district. So our target population is children and adults with special needs, their parents and also teachers. For this population, we organize different seminars, group works, individual counselling etc. with specialists from all around the world. Providing psychological support to parents and giving them the opportunity to contribute to their children's education is one of our primary goals. More specifically our job areas ; • We administer various ability and intelligence tests to identify people with special needs, • We instruct children with special needs including autism, down syndrome, mental retardation, and ADHD, • We consult troubled children and teenagers who need counselling, • We lead individual and family therapy sessions, • We also conduct structured group sessions for parents of children with special needs, • We make seminars to psychological counsellors and special education teachers, • We visit special education schools, classes and psychological counsellors, help them their needs, • We prepare reports for children with special needs in order to enable them to benefit from opportunities for special education, • We conduct research in order to increase the quality of education for SEN and psychological counselling services in our district. Although you didn’t list our country as a sought partner, I ‘ve visited your institution’s web page and I saw that our job area is almost the same. I believe that we would be very beneficial for your project. Also we have prevention programs on different trauma types for children which we would be happy to share with you. Our institution has many research experience as well. İf you think we can give you any contribution for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Best regards!

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Wysłano przez Liliana Gherghelas

My name is Liliana Gherghelas and I am a teacher at the high school Al I Cuza, Iasi –Romania . We would be happy to take your project Erasmus+ partners.

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Wysłano przez Özlem Talay

HI! We are teachers at a primary school in Turkey and are looking for partners. We have 2 projects, such as KA1 and KA2. For KA2 project, we need a coordinator partner or education institution. If tehere is someone who interested, please contact with me through

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Wysłano przez FİLİZ BAKİ

Hello everyone! We're looing for partners for our Ka122-Sch project. We've determined our project topic as 'disadvantages of online education'. If you want to be our partner, contact with us.

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Wysłano przez Liliana Antal

Buna, Filiz Baki! Sunt director adjunct al unei scoli din mediul rural in apropierea marelui oras din Romania, Timisoara. Scoala noastra are un numar de peste 1700 elevi si prescolari cu varste cuprinse intre 3 si 18 ani. Suntem interesati de proiectul derulat de dvs si as dori sa devenim partenerul dvs. Experienta noastra in proiecte Erasmus este mica, dar suntem dornici sa colaboram in asemenea proiecte. Va las adresa mea de mail unde puteti sa-mi trimiteti detalii despre proiect. Suntem dornici sa devenim parteneri si sa lucram impreuna. Multumim

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Hello, I am a teacher at the 11th special hospital primary school in Thessaloniki, in central Macedonia-Greece. Our pupils are 5- 13 years old. Our school is located inside the "Gennimatas" hospital in the city center. We have participated in several Comenius and Erasmus programs. We want to work with you on a KA2 program. My email address

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Wysłano przez Mürsel BIYIK

have a nice day. We have accreditation for the "ka121-vet" project as a vocational high school, accounting finance field, accounting branch. We are looking for coordinators in this field to get a 15-day internship or training in Europe in 2022. If you are interested, please contact As a young and new team, we look forward to your support.

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Wysłano przez Songül Mersinlioğlu

Hello,Greetings, love and greetings from RİFAT ARGÜN SECONDARY SCHOOL, located in the center of MERSIN, the pearl of the MEDITERRANEAN in the south of Turkey. We are looking for partnership for our KA210-SCH project. We are waiting for your partnership proposals, suggestions and ideas in the field of CYBER BULLYING -PEER BULLYING - KEYBOARD HERO. Spending beautiful, wonderful days in Mersin; Please contact us via e-mail to share your knowledge and experience with us and enrich your unforgettable memories.

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Wysłano przez silvia belicchi

Hallo, we are a high school in Rome with students from 14 to 18 years old and we are interested in this project.We have great experience in erasmus + and we have partecipated in e-twinning project too. Can you send me more information about project? Do you have a project approved? I look forward to hearing from you you can contact me at silviaThis is our website school

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Wysłano przez Anonymous Anonymous

Herkese merhaba. Bir sonraki çağrı döneminde içerik geliştirme için bir Erasmus 220 sch proje fikri. Dahil olmak ister misin? okul web sitesi: şehrim:

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Wysłano przez Eda İŞLER

Hello, I am an ELT teacher in a Science and Art Centre which is located in İstanbul, turkey. My institute provides a qualified education for highly gifted learners aged between 9-15. We are willing to collaborate with you on your project. Please do not hesitate to contact with me if you are interested. This is our school's website: And this is my e-mail address: Best regards, Eda

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Wysłano przez semra sezer

Hello dear collegues! I'm a teacher in a secondary school in Istanbul,Turkey.We are a a part of accredited project and we look for partners from other countries to work together on the subjects "Healthy Diet" and "Peer Bullying". If you're interested in our subjects please contact me via e-mail: Best wishes, Semra

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Wysłano przez Nuray YILDIRIM CEVAHIR

Hi ! We are a secondary and a vet school with the students aged between 14 and 18 in Sinop which is located by the Black Sea coast in Turkey. We are interested in participating your project and starting a new partnership .We have some experience in Erasmus projects both Ka1 and Ka2 projects. If you need a partner from Turkey, we would be happy to collaborate with you. My e mail is Kind regards, Nuray

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Wysłano przez Ayla Kuşçu

Hello! I'm Ayla. I'm an English Teacher in Servetiye Cephesi Project High School in Kocaeli, Turkey which is one of the best high schools in Turkey. Students are admitted to our school by their high school entrance exam results. As we are project high school, which was named by Ministry of Education, therefore we never stop but we always look for new events, projects, activities... etc. Our school is located very near to Istanbul. "Everything starts with dreaming in Servetiye Cephesi Anadolu Lisesi" , this is our motto. Our school has a warm atmosphere where students pleased, study willingly and enjoy being a member of it. Our vision is to acquire real citizens for the solidarity of the whole world. We are looking for opportunity to be a partner E+ KA2 projects. We liked your project so much and we think we can do good work together. We would like to work with you. We are looking forward to contributing to Your Project. For contact:

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Wysłano przez Margarida Mota

Hello We are a cluster of schools from kindergarten to high school, from 5 to 18 years. We have almost 3,500 students in different establishments, in regular education and also in professional courses. We are a reference school for blind or shortsighted students and also for young people with autism spectrum disorders. We work on issues of integration of these students and also immigrants from several countries of the world. We would like to be able to work with you, especially in French and English, and we are totally available for exchanges of teachers or students, either in job shadowing or in exchange. IF you also want to host us,of course. My name's Margarida Mota and my email is: As vet courses, we have tourism, sports, computers, electronics and automation, multimedia, and of course, we have general education. Our school is located 20 km from Lisbon, in Sintra, a World Heritage Site, in an area of ​​very special beauty, from the point of view of cultural, historical, and natural heritage. We have an eco-school label, a European parliament ambassador school label and we've experience in Erasmus +projects

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