Manchester Communication Academy (MCA)

Manchester Communication Academy (MCA) works to improve outcomes for children, families and the community. This secondary academy opened in 2010 to serve one of the most disadvantaged inner-city neighbourhoods in England. From the outset, the academy’s sponsor, a large employer in the city, wanted the school to help to contribute to a vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood, and committed to addressing the many inter-related economic, social and physical challenges which characterise the neighbourhood. This mission has directly shaped the academy programme, which places equal importance on ‘teaching and learning’ and ‘social investment’. The school’s social investment department is a highly distinctive feature of its overall strategy for addressing the impacts of disadvantage on young people’s education and wider life chances.

An example of a successful academy initiative relating to social investment, and which engages the local community, is a local history project, with pupils interviewing older adults in the surrounding area and recording their memories. The “Once Upon a Time” project, which was first initiated in 2010, has grown to become its own registered community group with a dedicated committee and over 500 members who contribute to and receive a local history magazine three times a year. Members (including students) can also attend community events and “drop-in” sessions – something that has been especially valuable for those people who might be at risk of social isolation. 

As well as supporting pupils to interact with and learn from their local community, the school also welcomes members of the community into the school. They may take a variety of accredited and unaccredited courses in subjects such as literacy, numeracy and cookery. 

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