Clean environment and healthy lifestyle

Publisert: 08.08.2022

Dear all,
we are an Elementary school in Latvia. We are looking for a partner school with students of ages 14-16 to implement our Erasmus project KA 122 during 01.08.2022. - 01.08.2023.
Piltenes Elementary School has an EcoSchool certificate. We would like to develop in the area of a clean environment and healthy life by participating in international projects.We would like to acquire and implement new
experiences and ideas in our school.

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01.08.2022 » 01.08.2023

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Dear Solvita, please check your messages, I sent you a message.

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Good morning, We would love to start a new project this school year via etwinning, and before we start working, I would like to tell you a few things about us. I will have 2 classes of 24 students each in my 2nd year of Secondary school. So I would collaborate with you, dedicating 1 hour a week which I have in my timetable to dedicate to our English project (eTwinning). This way, my students can use their skills to practice the English language and develop their international cultural competence through a collaborative project. We could work with the online platform to share our common works, comment on them, share pictures, use the forum for chatting, and do videoconferences to know each other. The project can last all school year, from end of September 2022 until June 2023. What do you think? Thanks a million for your time and dedication. Hope to talk to you soon!! Best wishes, MERI

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Postet av sema kabaharnup

Hi, ı'm an English teacher in Adana,Turkey. I would like to be part of your project,if you haven't found a Turkish partner. Moreover I have a project about ''Nature and Dance'' tocontribute to awareness about enviroment.I'm doing extracirrucular activities inthe field of stage about all kind of dances.I have dance activities with my school for ten years. I have students between 14 and 16. I have appriciate, if you have contact with me

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Postet av Nilay Salğın

hi from Troy Çanakkale Turkıye ıf u love travelling:) you should see Troy Horse whıch was in Brad Pitts film if you want to explore city of Troy lets be partner:) If you want to learn about Helen of Troy lets come together:) we are waiting for your answer see u soon ı hope if you want our pif ı can send your mail

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Postet av Monika Ratajczyk

Hello! We are a primary school from Sieradz, in the centre of Poland. We would like to start a new project. The main aim of the project is to study the influence of weather elements and human activity on air quality. Then looking for ways to purify the air. Shaping pro-ecological habits. We are planning to engage students aged 12-15. If you are interested in our offer, please, send an email to us. Monika

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