ICT in the Classroom: Innovative Tools to Facilitate Students Learning, Collaboration and Creativity - Verona
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Course Description


This course is designed for teachers who would like to further their knowledge and skills in the use of tools of ICT in the Classroom. Is is also designed for teachers who would like to develop web solutions in their classrooms to promote students’ learning, collaborative work and creativity across a wider range of subjects.

During the course participants through activities will be able to introduce new knowledge and ideas to students by:

Applying frameworks and models that support effective implementation of ICT in the Classroom
Creating and managing content to support modelling learning by using a variety of tools, web sites and search engines
Infusing technology throughout a lesson plan for efficient and effective teaching.
Specifically, using technology tools to:

Optimize retrieval process (e.g. Socrative, Quizlet)
Conduct assessment for/as/of learning (e.g. Kahoot, ePortfolios)
Give effective feedback to students (e.g. Edpuzzle)
Support students with special educational needs (e.g. text to speech tools)
Support collaboration and dialogue among students with community tools (e.g. Padlet, Trello).

Upon completion of the course, participants will gain a greater insight into issues regarding the incorporation of ICT tools in everyday teaching that will promote students` enthusiastic engagement and motivation in learning process in a more creative and collaborative way.


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Bijgewoond op _datum10.02.2020 - 15.02.2020

It was very professional and educational course. The teacher Iliaria was the best! She gave us a lot of useful information for our work in the classroom with ICT tools. I recommend the course to all the teachers! Vesna Hmelak

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Thank you very much, Vesna! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed Ilaria's course in Verona!

Vertalen (Alleen voor geregistreerde gebruikers)

Replied by Europass Teacher Academy on 18.02.2020 09:13
Bijgewoond op _datum13.05.2019 - 18.05.2019

Great course, very interesting and useful. Great teacher. Excellent atmosphere and company of teachers from Norway, Slovenia and Serbia.

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Thank you very much for your review, Natasa! We are happy to hear you have liked the course and the atmosphere in Verona! =)

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Replied by Europass Teacher Academy on 17.02.2020 16:00


Europass Teacher Academy
Europass Teacher Academy
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