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Course Description

Hard skills, also known as academic knowledge and know-how, are often the direct focus of education and the skills considered necessary to get your foot in the door of many fields of employment. Soft skills, however, are the interpersonal and intrapersonal abilities that not only help you keep that job and advance in your career – they help you live better in every aspect of your life.

During this course, educators will deepen their understanding of Soft Skills and reflect on their own abilities in its macro-areas such as Leadership, Relational Skills, Self-Awareness, Creativity, Problem-Solving and Communication. Through hands-on activities that combine these skills, participants will learn to transform the prevailing theories of communication and emotional and social intelligence into practical experiences in their classroom. While Soft Skills are sometimes conveyed in the curriculum through special projects and after-school activities, this course proposes ways to incorporate them into every facet of the school day.


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These courses provide today’s teachers with the extra-curricular competences necessary for teaching effectively. Some courses focus on how to improve the soft competencies you are already applying in your work every day: creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration. Other courses will teach you how to design novel activities to transfer these skills to your students. Still other courses will improve your capacity to understand the personality of your students, and increase their social intelligence.

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Bijgewoond op _datum17.02.2020 - 22.02.2020

This course was very rewarding for me, both at a professional as well as a personal level. Our teacher, Carolina Castro, brought up topics such as Communication, stress management, leadership and how to handle and/or avoid conflicts. These were topics about issues you are aware that you are facing each and every day, however she took them to another level. Many long and interesting discussions, some role play and brainstorming made me understand what to do, how to do it and that it is possible to implement changes in everyday Life.

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Thank you very much, Nathalie! We are happy to hear you enjoyed Carolina's course! We hope to see you again!

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Replied by Europass Teacher Academy on 10.03.2020 09:34
Bijgewoond op _datum17.02.2020 - 22.02.2020

I really appreciated the course and I truly recommend it as it is useful and involving both for our professional activities and in our personal life. The teacher, Carolina Castro,managed to create a cooperative and engaging atmosphere so that everybody felt safe to speak and share experiences. She presented and gave us insights into topics such as Communication, Active Listening, Miscommunication, Non Violent Communication, Conflict Resolutions, Positive Feedbacks, Stressmanagement, Self-Motivation, Leadership and Creativity. We had the possibity to share and experience the issues we had been presented. I think we have improved our soft competencies and we can teach more effectively. Raffaella Tubino at Liceo "Alessandro Volta", Turin, Italy.

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Grazie mille, Raffaella! Siamo Felici di sentire che il corso di Carolina a Siviglia ti sia piaciuto! We hope to see you again! =)

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Replied by Europass Teacher Academy on 27.02.2020 14:47
Bijgewoond op _datum17.02.2020 - 22.02.2020

The course definitely met my expectations. Our teacher, Carolina Castro, provided very valuable insights into topics such as Communication and Miscommunication, Self-motivation and Creativity, Team Building, Stress Management, Leadership, showcasing active listening techniques and conflict resolution strategies. I learned a lot interacting with the teacher and the other participants in the course. Being a small group, we all had the opportunity to share ideas and experiences and to realize that we face the same challenges in teaching. Carolina was really helpful in creating a positive and safe environment. I found the course very useful and inspiring both on a professional and on a personal level so I totally recommend it. Graziella Ricupero at Liceo 'Alessandro Volta', Turin, Italy

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Thank you very much for your review, Graziella! We are glad to hear you enjoyed Carolina's course in Seville. Speriamo di rivederci presto! =)

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Replied by Europass Teacher Academy on 27.02.2020 12:14
Bijgewoond op _datum17.02.2020 - 22.02.2020

Excellent course with alot of new insights and ideas- no matter what subject you teach in. To talk and discuss about Communication, Stresshandling, Active listening conflict resolutions etc. etc. made me realize that we all share the same obstacles and challenges and that we can help eachother. I, as a Vocational teacher learned alot and the opportunity to be able to share experience with other teachers, regardless of the subject they thought in, where so valuable and inspiring. I guess our teacher, Carolina Castro, really listened to our different needs and hopes- since we all had the opportunities to pinpoint difficulties at our own classerooms and schools. I recommend it with a Smile! // Mikael Meijer at Upplands-Bro Gymnasium in Sweden

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Thank you very much for your recommendation, Mikael! We are glad to hear you enjoyed Carolina's course! We hope to see you again! =)

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Replied by Europass Teacher Academy on 24.02.2020 17:01


Europass Teacher Academy
Europass Teacher Academy
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