Art and environment: Children’s artistic expressions through the use of the natural, social, cultural environment

Art and Environment is a course addressed to primary and secondary school teachers of any specialization, anyone who would like to enrich their repertoire of teaching techniques and ideas and anyone interested in learning how to teach art in schools through the utilization of the natural, social and cultural environment. The course will be based on artistic practices and pedagogical approaches, aiming at the qualitative improvement of teaching and learning processes that stimulate students’ creativity and imagination through the use of environment.
The participants will develop creativity through a range of environmental activities related to art. They will be involved in first-hand experiences and use the environment in their art work and improve their ability to utilize natural materials, tools and techniques arising from natural resources to express themselves in an artistic way. They develop increasing confidence in the use of natural, historic and social environments in their artistic expressions and foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the arts and a knowledge of artists, craftspeople and designers, who used the environment as an artistic expression means. The course will include several outdoor experiential modules (Kape Gkreko-by the sea or Troodos Mountain Range) combined with lectures from educators, environmental and art specialists.
Indicative Training Program (Day by Day):
Day 1:
- Welcome addressed to the participants by management
- Course outline
- Ice-breaking activities
- Introduction to Art and Environment:
- The importance of art in children’s development
- The relation between art and environment
Day 2:
- Art and Skill Development through environmental experiences (Part 1):
- Motor Skills
- Language Development
- Decision Making
- Visual Learning
- Art and Skill Development through environmental experiences (Part 2):
- Inventiveness
- Cultural Awareness
- Improved Academic Performance
Day 3:
- Artists that use the natural, social, cultural environment for their artistic expressions
- Working with a Cypriot artist! Art and environment in practice!
Day 4:
- Study visit in the forest! Artistic expression games! (Part 1)
- Study visit in the forest! Artistic expression games! (Part 2)
Day 5:
- Final activities
- Evaluation of the course
- Diploma awarding
Program may be subject to change at any time

Nicosia, Cyprus

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