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Requirements: Basic computer proficiency

Online teaching can be a terrifying concept, especially for someone with little to no experience. However, recent years have demonstrated that in this matter, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, as online education has proven to be less time-consuming, besides helping students become more autonomous and acquire important organization and time-management skills.

This course aims to assist teachers in coping with “the new normal” in teaching and learning by the means of Online Education, in order to support face-to-face teaching.

Participants will be introduced to blended and remote teaching and learning. They will discover various ICT tools for diverse purposes, gain confidence in using them, and learn how to choose the most suitable ones to utilize in their classes.

Moreover, the course will actively engage the participants with effective ice-breakers, group activities, and reflection sessions. Finally, it will support the teachers in focusing on how to help students learn at their own pace, have more fun at school, and develop autonomous learning skills.

By the end of the course, participants will be more comfortable getting benefits from the blended learning approach, and from educational technologies in their classrooms. They will also recognize many digital tools and easily select the ones that are more convenient for their students’ profiles.

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Course category: ICT

ICT: Today’s teachers have to be familiar with new technologies and digital media not only to understand their students’ world but also to update their way of teaching according to the new needs of their students. Thanks to our courses on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) you will learn how to manage a classroom online or remotely, by exploring the most relevant ICT tools for teaching. You will be able to use various forms of digital content, such as audio platforms, videos, and social media, to communicate with your students.

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Europass Teacher Academy - France
Europass Teacher Academy - France
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