Arts for the Inclusion of Migrants, Refugees, and Disadvantaged Populations - Nice

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In our increasingly mobile world—with environmental factors, poverty, and civil unrest spurring large-scale migration—communities are seeing the arrival of new populations, dealing with new socio-economic challenges, and sometimes facing growing sentiments of intolerance for the “other.” As a result, today’s classrooms host students of mixed socio-cultural backgrounds (e.g., local students and migrant students newly arrived in the country, who do not speak the local language). Today’s teachers hold the responsibility to define and promote common values among diverse students in the classroom and in the broader community.

This course offers strategies for the inclusion of people living in the margins of society via the universal language of the arts. Teachers will learn to use art as an accessible tool for integrating newly arrived migrant students in their classes, and for fostering cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.

Together, we will analyze residual effects of trauma and relocation, discuss the health benefits of making art, and examine international arts initiatives currently working to integrate minorities and rebuild communities after crisis.

We will also practice collaborative art forms requiring limited resources, from installation to performance (e.g., using found objects to tell a story, practicing nonverbal forms of communication). Through artistic expression, we will learn to transcend language and cultural barriers, and work to better understand one another.

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Course categories: Arts and Wellbeing and Classroom Management

Arts and Wellbeing: By practicing innovative techniques that involve art, psychology, and therapy, the participants in our courses of arts and wellbeing will develop their skills in self-expression and stress management. Thanks to creative activities, mindfulness and yoga, educators will learn how to be more relaxed at school and how to promote alternative forms of communication with their students.)

Classroom Management: Do you want your students to be more focused in class? Thanks to the new educational techniques (such as the flipped classroom, project-based learning, remote teaching, collaborative learning, student-centered learning) your students will participate in class with more enthusiasm creating a fruitful and healthier classroom environment. In our Classroom Management courses, you will enhance your ability to include students with special needs and motivate everyone. Furthermore, you will have the chance of learning how to manage a multicultural classroom and prevent possible conflicts.

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The course was provided us new methods to communicate with students like refugees, mentally disable kids etc. Also we could be able to meet with teachers from different countries.

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Katıldığım yabancı dil kursu son derece faydalı oldu

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Kurs ve kurs sağlayıcı ile ilgili düşüncelerim genel olarak olumlu yönde. Misafirperverlik noktasında daha iyi olabileceklerini düşünüyorum.

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course was weel planned it fitted with our project targets ı learnt new methods for inclusion of my students

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I think it is a well-structured course. The instructor and course providers were very friendly. When we arrived the course center, they welcomed us and introduced the course building and equipped us with all necessary things. Course teacher was very friendly and encouraging. We started with warm up activities. Each participants presented their country, city and school. We did a workshop to introduce a traditional handcraft ( wood block printing) which took great attention of the all attendees. We followed the courses according to the scheduled program and enjoyed it very much. We also had free time activities and guided city tour was very impressive.

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It was quite good. The course was well- structured and relavent to the issues about our institution. The course providers welcomed us on the first day and it was very beneficial during the whole session.After we were informed about the course schedule we had a warm up activity and the participants introduced themselves. We brainstormed about the problems we already had and tried to find solutions. The instructor was really friendly and kept involved us in activities.The course providers organised a guided city tour and offered us different cultural events for our free time.

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We did a small presentation about our school, country and towns so that we could get to know each other’s cultures. Also, our group did a workshop about a traditional artefacts ( wood block printing) which took other groups attention. We brainstormed the problems and tried to find solutions about the inclusion of migrant students and disadvantaged groups to the class activities. We noticed that we had nearly the same problems with our colleagues in different countries. Our instructor was really friendly and during the course she did her best to involve us in the activities. We really enjoyed the activities and learned a variety of art works ( which are actually quite simple but effective to facilitate communication with migrants). We also had a guided city tour provided by the course center.

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Europass Teacher Academy - France
Europass Teacher Academy - France
Rating: 4/530 gebruikers


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