2 Week Course: How to use Tablets, Educational Apps and Social Media in your Classroom - Dublin

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This course is also available in Barcelona, Berlin and Florence.

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Course Description

This course is designed for teachers who would like to further their knowledge on the use of Tablets, Educational Apps and Social Media in class and to experiment new, easy and enjoyable tools to use with their students.

Participants will discover some of the most popular and practical educational apps for teaching and student learning across a wider range of subjects. They will learn how to properly integrate these apps in the classroom as a tool to support their learning.

Teachers will be provided with a wide range of practical teaching activities to enable them to make their classes more effective and enjoyable. Teachers will also learn about safe use of social media, student versus teacher roles and digital classroom management.

By the end of the course, teachers will have acquired more knowledge about using Apps and Social Media as an educational tool, enhance student engagement and improve communication among students and teachers.

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Dublin, Ierland

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Bijgewoond op _datum26.06.2017 - 07.07.2017

Great course and the trainer, Robert, was very good.

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Thank you very much, Francisca! We are glad you enjoyed the course!

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Replied by Europass Teacher Academy on 11.02.2020 08:47
Bijgewoond op _datum27.01.2020 - 07.02.2020

The course was devoted to applications and social media in education. Over the course of two weeks, we have been presented a wealth of applications that can be used in teaching in different subjects. The provider was EuroPass and the organization of the course was good. The techer was also excellent.

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Thanks for the recommendation, Jiří! We are happy you liked the course, we hope to see you again!

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Replied by Europass Teacher Academy on 11.02.2020 08:49
Bijgewoond op _datum29.07.2019 - 09.08.2019

Administratively. Before the course, I found them little empathetic and unclear in their explanations. I paid for the course and I would have liked to have the original invoice of the payment made. They have sent it to me by e-mail. Accommodation. In my case, a lack of coordination between Europass that provides the information and ULearn, which provides the accommodation. My host family was to an hour and a half by bus out Dublin. They said no more then 15 minutes by Luas. Course: 1) It is not a course of two weeks but two courses of a week. So the two mondays you do the same (presentations). The student pays two days by the formation of one day. 2) The course is called "How to use tablet, Educational Apps and Social Media in your classroom”, but the tablet is not used and we were tought about an only App on our smartphone. The Social Media in the classroom is true. The course is just an introduction to online tools to be used with a Laptop.

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Bijgewoond op _datum29.07.2019 - 09.08.2019

You can meet with the technology well, it might be better to have more teaching methodology in it.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Europass Teacher Academy
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