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Course Description

Educators face design challenges every day, from curriculum design to integrating technology into classes. Some of these challenges are complex and abstract and can not be solved by using standard methods or approaches. Hence, teachers can benefit from learning and applying a clearly defined structured method of problem-solving.

This course aims to foster out-of-the-box thinking by teaching how to apply the Design Thinking mindset and methodology in order to solve complex problems. Participants will learn to implement problem-solving activities through a whole design cycle. They will acquire new strategies to analyze a problem, empathize with audiences, prototype a solution, and test it.

We will follow the “learning by doing” approach, meaning you will solve a complex problem during the course by following a five-step model. You will be working together in groups, test your ideas, and present results. After following this course, you will be able to apply design thinking both in and outside of the classroom.

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