Romanian cooking an interactive, tasty experience!

1) Discovering and learning Romanian traditional cooking and diet: features, flavours, ingredients, products, recipes, social and cultural values
2) Learning/improving practical skills, techniques, procedures of cooking and realising a full Romanian menu
3) Reflect on health, well-being and sustainability
4) Stimulating professional and business cooperation

Day 1: Welcome
- Presentation of the course
- Brainstorming and team-building
- Cultural visit of the city centre
- Laboratory of Tasting

Day 2
- Romanian cooking and fasting diet: features, social and cultural values
- Transylvanian brunch
- Common meal: enjoying together what we prepared during the day!

Day 3-4
- Laboratory of Cooking
- Exploring traditional culture and authentic flavours
- Common meal: enjoying together what we prepared during the day!

Day 5: A new beginning
- Guided visit to environmental or cultural heritage or to a local food/wine company or to a local school
- Laboratory of Cooking
- Common meal: enjoying together what we prepared during the day!
- Planning the follow up: future projects together
- Course evaluation
- Releasing of official course certifications.

N.B. Depending on the date & place, additional visits to local heritage, food or wine companies and/or schools may be provided.

Kontera Design
Sibiu, Bran, Roemenië

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