Course 70-Sensitisation training with reference to migration, racism, discrimination, culture and diversity with strategies for teaching these issues to diverse age groups

Target group:
Target group are schools and other relevant educational organisations which want their teachers/trainers/staff members to be aware and sensitive in relation to stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, racism and inclusion and to know how to deal with those issues at their workplace or in their classrooms. Additionally they will be schools and organisations who wish to develop sector leading practice in the areas outlined above and have clear aims and strategies to improve their student’s communication competences and intercultural competences by using well structured activities and creative cooperative learning methods.

Preparation: Participants will be expected to read the course program and pre released reading material.

• That learners of the educational organisation become open minded, critical and active citizens
• That learners of the educational organisation learn to live and work with others and learn to appreciate diversity in general
• That learners are able to access these skills and competences as underpinning aspects of the curriculum
• That teachers/trainers/participants become aware and sensitive about issues such as stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, exclusion/inclusion and racism and everyday racism
• That teachers/trainers/participants practice reactions against any kind of discrimination and racism
• That teachers/trainers/participants learn how to teach and discuss these issues to different age groups
• That teachers/trainers/participants learn how to create a trusting and safe learning environment

Methodology: The training programme is more practical than theoretical. The training program demands full participation. The main methods will be through cooperative work, various activities, discussions and practical training practises. The lectures will be short and take place between the activities. A key objective is: learning by doing. All participants have to be able to discuss and present activities in English language.

Outcomes: The outcome of the program will be in the form of sensitized teachers/trainers/participants who can actively master simple cooperative learning methods which train their students social- and intercultural competences. They will have developed lesson plans in order to sensitize their learners on the above-mentioned issues.

Follow up: On return to their home locations participants will try out the different approaches with their students/pupils/participants and share their experience and material with other participants through e-mail or on an internet platform. The main trainer will also give feedback and counselling after the training session if asked for.

InterCultural Iceland
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InterCultural Iceland
InterCultural Iceland
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