Playtime and Downtime for Teachers and Students: the Psychology of Time to Feel Good and do Good! - Florence (FREE Online Course Included)

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Course Description

PLEASE NOTE: this course is only about off-line games!!

This course takes inspiration from observations, discussions and polls that have been conducted throughout our teacher training courses in the last three years with teachers from all around Europe and beyond. When asked, most teachers show small satisfaction with play time and down time, both in the quality and the quantity.

Play time is the time we spend in new activities where we can experiment with a new part of ourselves, empower cognitive and social skills, and have fun. Down time is the time we use to do “nothing” …. Or better said, to actually recharge our batteries and to be ready for upcoming challenges and tasks!

Play time and down time can offer a sense of engagement and pleasure, allowing then people to feel spontaneous and energetic, and empower their problem solving and resilience skills. Also, providing our mind with these time dimensions can speed up learning, enhance productivity, cooperation and job satisfaction.

School-life balance is not an utopía, if we put our body, our heart and our mind into something which is natural for small children and slowly abandoned as we grow up: having fun and rest, reconnecting with our spontaneous inner child, which still is available and ready to play and rest if we only give it a chance.

The course is dedicated to teachers, school staff and school managers which work with students of all ages, since play and down time are accessible at any age.


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