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🚶‍♀️ Activities: Two guided city tours and a full-day excursion.

📅 Starting date: Every fourth Monday of the month.

🏫 Also available in: Amsterdam, Berlin, Drogheda, and Tenerife.

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Course Description

“Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.” J. K. Rowling

Students can be unmotivated or intimated by writing. Good writing, whether it be fiction or academic requires original ideas and the skills to express those ideas onto the page. Often, students experience a lack of confidence or fear of “not being good enough” that can result in a serious block to their creative writing flow.

In this course, teachers will learn creative writing techniques that will empower their students to achieve a higher standard of writing in any language and level. Unique writing prompts together with inspiration from the city’s Renaissance art are provided to create characters, scenes, and stories from paintings, sculptures and real people (which may later be developed into full length plays, films, short stories, or novels).

Participants will learn techniques to teach the writing of monologues, dialogues, and scenes within their individual classrooms. Local mythological figures in art such as the Venus, David and Cupid are identified and used as inspiration for original written works and character development. Renaissance literature including dramas, myths, legends, fables, and folklore are reviewed for character development, story structure, and plot point examples.

This course demonstrates how teachers may adopt a Place-Based Education (PBE) approach by immersing their students in their home city’s heritage, art, culture, and landscape. Teachers will learn how to use resources from their local community such as museums, theatres, historical landmarks, parks, and other cultural events to facilitate higher-level engagement with any subject or any project-based learning curriculum that involves writing. Time is given for teachers to document written reflections about each day of the course which they can use to later develop into an academic article about their experience.

The course includes various dramatic activities to help teachers inspire their students to find their own writing voices and strengthen their creative muscles. The end of the course will include a reading of all written texts and techniques for giving audience and instructor feedback.

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Europass is a very good way to meet other teachers, share professional experiences and personal feelings. I enjoyed this journey which was too short! I've learned in only 5 days what I could have learnt in a couple of months.
--Bénard Fabienne ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐*
* Review(s) written by former course participant(s) on School Education Gateway before the 2020 reviews' system renewal.

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