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Course Description

This course has been designed for teachers of English and/or other languages (ESL) who want to learn more about Project Based Learning (PBL) and how to integrate this methodology into their lessons and school curriculum.

PBL instruction offers students an opportunity to be more engaged and motivated in the lessons, provides students with a deeper understanding of the topic and builds up key life skills such as critical thinking, communication and cooperation.

PBL in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) has the ability to integrate content, language and skills, being a a very suitable approach for CLIL too. It exposes students with a large amount of authentic target language input and real opportunities for communication. It also promotes the integrative use of the four main communicative skills: writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.

In this hands-on course participants will gain an understanding of what Project Based Learning is, which steps and tools are best for integrating PBL into their lessons, how to monitor and assess students using PBL and reflect on how they can integrate PBL into their own concrete teaching practices and context. They will be exposed to regular reflection, interaction, research, specific benefits and challenges, best practices and overall experiences.

Participants will be presented with authentic thought-provoking ESL/EFL projects, they will receive coaching on the ideation, design and implementation processes and will work in teams to create their own projects that they will present, receive feedback and take home to use in their classes.

By the end of this course, participants will have gained greater insight into PBL projects for the area of ESL/EFL and how to integrate PBL into their lessons. They will become more confident in their own teaching, will learn how to brainstorm ideas on projects with a team of teachers and collaborate with peers to develop and implement them.

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