Wellbeing and Inclusion for New Educational Resources (WINER)

The Erasmus+ project Wellbeing and Inclusion for New Educational Resources (WINER) (2014-2016) was financed by the European Commission through KA2/Strategic Partnerships for School Education. It was carried out in the Vaslui region of Romania and in the Umbria region of Italy. In Romania there are a large number of children whose parents leave them in Romania in order to work in Italy, as well as a large number of children who have returned with their families due to the Italian economic crisis. The general objective of this project was to facilitate the inclusion of those Romanian children left at home and those who have returned, by developing a well-being-based school and community approach, applied both in Romania and Italy (respectively, the Vaslui and Umbria regions).

Italië; Roemenië
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Basis; Middelbaar
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Europese financiering; Lokale financiering

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