InterCultural Iceland

InterCultural Iceland

Fiskislóð 81, Reykjavík, IJsland

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InterCultural Iceland is a non-profit consortium which develops innovative educational initiatives and offers a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary expertise and training activities. It was founded in 2003 in Reykjavík Iceland.
ICI has become an important research and training centre at a national and European level on the themes of adult training, new competences and teacher training in intercultural education, co-operative learning for didactics, and for anti racist and sensitization training about migration, prejudice and discrimination.

Today the Centre has an international reputation for excellence in the areas of training for trainers and teachers, Intercultural education, creative cooperative learning in multicultural groups, anti-racist and sensitization training against prejudice and discrimination on a regional and European level. Since 2003 ICI has developed and tried out new methodology and material with different groups of adults in Iceland and Europe. In 2012 ICI received a "QUALITY COURSE PROVISION FOR GRUNDTVIG IST 2012" for a sensitization training course that has been offered in Iceland since 2004 to Comenius and Grudtvig applicants. Now ICI is offering Inservice Training courses through Erasmus+.

For these reasons the Centre plays a key role in the field of intercultural education and teacher training on a local and European level, especially for its experience in: cooperative learning, the Complex instruction methodology, active, creative and diverse teaching and assessment methods and in the field of anti-racist and anti-discrimination training.

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