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Gepubliceeerd: 18.12.2018

We are a Swedish secondary school (theoretical and vocational), Vimmerby Gymnasium. We have ca 500 students and our students are in between 16 to 19 years old. Over the last 10 years we have being taking part of different European and outside Europe projects.
The main objectives of our project plan for 2018-2020 is; Increase of vocational training students, Climate & AG2030, Drop Out, Teaching strategies and methodology. Aim is to find methods to get more vocational students and to improve our pupils' academic results and develop the educational strategies.
We are now applying for Erasmus+ KA1 for the fourth time; the application relates to the objectives described above. If your school is interested in sending and/or receiving staff, please contact
International coordinator: Thomas Svarén - thomas.svaren@vimmerby.se

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Gepubliceerd door Daniela Petri

Hi I've just sent to you an e-mail You will find a description of our school, and of our partnerships about other european exchange projects. We are strongly interested about Job shadowing and CLIL methodology. Daniela

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Gepubliceerd door Pilar Sánchez Montero

Hello, we are a secondary school in the south of Spain (Malaga). We are strongly interested about Job shadowing and CLIL methodology. My mail: pilartrayamar@gmail.com

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Gepubliceerd door Tuğba Tanç

Hi, My name is Tugba and I am an English Teacher from Manisa( inthhe Westouf Turkey) My organization is preparing an Erasmus + KA1 project. The aim of this project is to learn about new methodologies and exchange experiencies. The main activity of the project consists on visiting several schools in European countries in order to observe them and learn about their daily tasks and methods as well as to get information about the support that teachers have in these countries in order to develop their competences. Please, contact me tanc111@hotmail.com

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Gepubliceerd door alida kovacs

My secondary school (only-boys-boarding school in Hungary –the earliest educational place in Hungary) is looking for a school to do job shadowing. After finishing 2 successful ERASMUS+ projects this is the 3rd time we participate in Erasmus+. Our staff would like to involve JOB-SHADOWING in KA1 (improving teaching techniques). The Benedictine School has 335 students (12-18) and 60 teachers (20 monks/ 20 male teachers/ 20 female teachers), and it is a well-known boarding school with a 6-day-teaching week. The school is the main part of the UNESCO heritage Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at alida@osb.hu. Thank you. Ms. Alida Kovacs

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Gepubliceerd door Paola Baldari

We are an Italian secondary school in Modena (Lyceum) with two different courses: Classical languages and foreign languages. We have 1300 students aged 16-19. We are looking for job shadowing opportunity for our teachers interested in observing how new teaching methodologies and especially ICT are integrated in foreign school system. Key action 1 we apply for is supposed to help us realize the implementation of CLIL at our school using innovative methods and technologies. Please contact me if you're interested in participating. pabaldari@libero.it

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Gepubliceerd door Michelina Mosca

Hi, dear collegue I am Lina Mosca and my school is in Caserta, South of Rome. We are interested to be partner for a job shadowing projet for Erasmus KA1 for improving our methods and introducing innovations in teaching. We have done a lot of Erasmus KA1 and KA2 projets and our teachers have learnt different tools and methodologies to motivate our students (flipped classroom,PBL activities,cooperative learning,…) We work for inclusion too and we have some students with a special education needs for wich we have specific teaching methodologies Our students are 10-14 years old and they partecipate to many mobilities in Europe. We are higly interested in cooperation with your institute. J’m waiting for your news on my mail: linamosca@gmail.com best regards Lina Mosca

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Gepubliceerd door María Ávila

We are a Secondary and computer vocational school in the middle of Spain, Toledo. I have been a language teacher for 30 years and still interested in learning about different methodologies and language approaches along with drop out in order to help students with their academic results. This is our first Erasmus + KA1 and We are interested in sending and receiving staff. mavila303@hotmail.com

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Gepubliceerd door Christos Ardaniotis

Dear Colleagues, we are a secondary school (Lyceum) from Greece (Kalampaka – Meteora, Central Greece) with students from 15 up to 18. We are really interested in both welcoming your teachers to our school and in visiting your school. We are open to KA1 mobility and to KA2 strategic partnership projects as well. If you are interested, please send a mail to ardaniotis@hotmail.com or mail@1lyk-kalamp.tri.sch.gr. All the best from Kalampaka, Ardaniotis Christos (school site: http://1lyk-kalamp.tri.sch.gr)

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Gepubliceerd door José António Soares Carvalho

Hello, we are an active team of three Portuguese teachers from the Afonso de Albuquerque High School - Guarda, with more than two decades of educational experience. We teach sports, physical education, natural sciences, biology and geology to students between the ages of 12 and 18. As part of Erasmus Plus, we would like to inform you as partners in a Job Shadowing initiative in Sweden. We await your best response to establish this partnership. Please, contact me erasmusmais.aeaag@aeaag.pt Best regards

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Gepubliceerd door RAMÓN MESA

Hello. I am a secondary school teacher in Torredonjimeno, Jaén, Spain. We have also applied for a KA1 project for the period 2019-2021. We are looking for partners for a job shadowing experience. We also also happy to reciprocate the experience. if you are interested contact me at ramonmc99@hotmail.com.

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