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Ippubblikat: 16.01.2022

The project team in my school is creating a STEM project about landforms.
In this project, we will examine the shapes of structures made by people underground. We will also examine engineering, physics, geology, geography, psychology, literature, mysterious narratives and social life styles within these structures. It will be very enjoyable work. We will shoot their videos, we will create their pictures in digital environment. We will also include local sports activities, food cultures and storytelling. We will also introduce mechanical machines from the old period but still used. We have been researching the subject for a long time. It will be much enjoyable and energetic. We're working with an age group of 14-18 year old students. Our project team is very experienced about Erasmus. If you are interested in our project, which we are preparing as coordinator, send your pif to "yapelitli@hotmail.com". We would be happy to work with you.

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Mibgħut minn Filomena Garofalo

I am a teacher at the IIS Marconi Institute in Anagni. I am interested in the Partnership. You can write to me at the following address: danymattoccia@gmail.com/mcmarile@gmail.com

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