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Hello, my name is Florina Filip, I am Chemistry teacher at Scoala Gimnaziala Iuliu Hatieganu, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Our town is the capital of Transylvania. There are a lot of cultural opportunities, and it is one of the biggest town in our country, Our students are 6-14 years old. We are interested in finding partners for a small scale partnership to create and develop new activities, new methods and strategies for improving literacy in order to understand especially scientific texts and contents and not only.

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Hello, we are a primary school in the city of Turkey-Konya.. We would like to take part in your project. Our school provides education in the age group of 6-11. Our school is located in an important historical and cultural position.

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Mibgħut minn Vasilis Stavropoulos

Hi Florina. I am Vasilis, Electrical Engineer and teacher of technology at the 1st Gymnasium of Nafpaktos - Greece. The project that you are proposing is really very interesting and I think that we could contribute to it. My PhD was in the field of STEM and especially about the understanding of energy for young students 12-13 years old. Our town is at the middle Greece , very close to Patras (the third in population in the country) and with many interesting archeological, nature and industrial-technological sites at the broader area. My mail :

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Dear Florina! We have a hard working team. Our school has experiences of multilingualism and multiculturalism. We are interested with digital products (text, picture, scientific text). Best regards I want to send presentation video for more information. email:

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Mibgħut minn EGInA Srl

Hello, I am writing on behalf of the Pestalozzi school, located in Sicily, Italy. The school has students aged 3-19, offering sport and music curricula in secondary school. The school has a special focus and interest in digitalisation and foreign languages starting from an early age. We work in a very disadvantaged area and we face school drop issues every year, so we would really appreciate to join your project. To get more info please write at

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Hello, my name is Melanija Milović. I am a librarian at a Primary School in Lipovljani, Croatia. Students aged 6 to 14 attend our school. We have experience in Erasmus + projects. So far we have had 2 projects in which we were coordinators. Now we would like to participate as partners in your project. In the last project, one of the partners was a school from Nimigea de Jos with which we had a great collaboration. During the trip we stayed in Transylvania and visited some cities (Sibiu, Sinaia, Sigisoara, Bistrita village Viscri, Tasuleasa education center, salt mine in Turda). We are very interested in cooperating and participating in your project. We hope that we will achieve it because we already have experience in writing and implementing Erasmus + projects. My mail

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Mibgħut minn AYSEL ABALI

Our school Yunusemre/Cumhuriyet Primary School was opened for Education in 1959/1960. Our school is a rooted and educational culture of Manisa province. Our school serves the 06-11 age group with 116 kindergarten students and 770 primary school students in the 2021-2022 academic year. 14 of our students benefit from special education services. In addition, 5 of our students are gifted and receive education at the Manisa Science and Art Center. There are 45 personnel in our school. Starting from the 2nd grade in our educational institution, our students receive "English" education for 2 hours a week. There are student clubs in our school, and in these clubs; Folk dance course, Mind games course, sporting events, drama etc. works are being done. Our parents work in various factories in Manisa, an industrial city. The neighborhood where our school is located consists of people from the countryside, who came to the city, and citizens who immigrated to Turkey from Bulgaria. Manisa province is an industrially developed province located within the borders of the Aegean region of the Republic of Turkey. Agricultural studies are important in our province, which has a Mediterranean climate. The province of Manisa is 27 km from Izmir, the 3rd largest city of Turkey, 105 km from the ancient city of Ephesus, and 45 km from Adnan Menderes Airport. The ancient ruins of Sard in our Salihli district hosted the Lydians, who were the first to use money in the world. Manisa is a culturally and archaeologically rich city as it is home to various civilizations. The central population of our city is 400 thousand and has a population of 1,500,000 together with its districts. mail adress:

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Mibgħut minn Ali İlengiz

Hello, I am the principal of Izmit secondary school. I hope you and your family are well. We have a lot of work in my school about your project topics. We would like to be partners in your project. We have completed 6 projects so far. We are experienced. I have a hardworking team. There are 700 students and 52 teachers in my school. I expect good news from you. My school: contact:

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Scoala Gimnaziala IULIU HATIEGANU
Scoala Gimnaziala IULIU HATIEGANU


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