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3.11. Targeted support - disadvantaged socio-economic background

Whether learners are successful in school or at risk of early leaving is largely dependent on their socio-economic status (SES). The effects of socio-economic status are clearly present in all of Europe’s education and training systems. Children from lower socio-economic backgrounds are less likely to participate in and benefit from early childhood education and care (ECEC) than children from more advantaged backgrounds. The initial disadvantage can be exacerbated throughout the school years if additional support is not provided to help children close educational gaps. Equal participation in quality ECEC is however found to be among the most effective approaches to combatting socio-economic inequalities in educational achievement.

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AFEV - support to fragile families through students-volunteers

AFEV is a French organisation that implements initiatives that put parents from disadvantaged socio-economic background at the centre of their approach. It is a non-profit organisation involved in the provision of parenting support in disadvantaged urban areas. AFEV has recruited a network of 8,000 students all across France who volunteer to provide temporary tutoring to parents.

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ATD Quart Monde - teacher training module

ATD quart monde is a French NGO involving individuals who experience or have experienced poverty.Among other initiatives, it works with ‘folk universities’ (universités populaires) in France, with the aim to generate and gather expert knowledge from its members - participants on a number of issues, including parenting and perception of school.

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J'ai ma place au collège

This project is aims to fight against school dropout by addressing risk factors including:
• behavioural problems (discipline, violence ... )
• integration problems
• learning problems
• low motivation
• low self-esteem
• a lack of ambition
It is also important the student have a positive experience of school

 This project has two components:

1.) In "volet 1" students work collaboratively on a cross thematic directly related to the project. The aim is to restore and develop the pleasure of learning through informal activities.
2.) In "Volet 2" partner institutions (management, nursing service , teachers ... ) devoted to educational activities and educational research work together to produce a toolbox on prevention of ESL which can be adapted to local context. The focus is on prevention of conflicts, fight against discrimination, peer mediation, individual tutoring, class or group projects.



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