ProsocialLearn is creating fun educational games for children to learn social and emotional well-being skills. By working together, teachers and game developers are creating new learning opportunities for inclusive education. The project wants to create a prosocial game development and distribution platform in order to distribute prosocial digital games from game companies to the educational sector and work with communities of teachers in Europe to evaluate their approach. Digital games can be tailored to teach the benefits of cooperation, as well as the ability to recognise the emotions of others and express trustworthiness – prosocial skills – helping children to appreciate team-work, recognise the value of understanding other people’s needs and achieve academically.
The games are targeted in particular at children at risk of social exclusion, who find it difficult to show empathy, and include hidden indicators that measure the development of a child’s skills. ProsocialLearn also developed a platform where teachers can track their pupils’ progress and plan lessons that incorporate the games.

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