Visual Impairment Social Inclusion ON

The project focuses on the creation of a method for "teaching self-awareness, confidence and consciousness of the space around" to visually impaired children and young people through theatre, thereby providing a highly optimistic vision of inclusion. The project targets both a specific audience (teachers) and the general public.

About 50 visually impaired children from Bulgaria, Italy and the UK participated in the pilot. The main results were:
- National reports on experiences & good practices; a transnational summary.
- A transnational cross-thematic report from psychological, theatrical and tyflopedagogical perspective.
- Pilot testing of the programme in Palermo - short-term staff training
- National workshops plus an international closing workshop week in Palermo, where children from BG, IT and the UK worked together with facilitators in mixed groups.
- A training programme encompassing the specific expertise of psychologists, tyflopedagogists and theatre experts for building self assurance and confidence.
- Questionnaires/interviews for evaluation, presented to children & trainers.
- WE SHARE THE VISION demo workshops with the VISION approach.
- an accessible Website and abundant video documentation.

Vision project
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