Dannewerkschule Schleswig - Inclusive and blended learning

Слика: Dannewerkschule Schlesweig

Dannewerkschule Schleswig, Germany is a comprehensive lower secondary school offering grades 5-10, a quarter of which have a migratory background and learning German as a second language. The school aims to be a place of learning where students with different talents and personalities are welcome and can use a wide blend of learning environments and tools.

Dannewerkschule use different teaching tools and opportunities to support students individually. The school works with outside stakeholders such as „Förderzentrum Schleswig-Kropp“, an institution for students with special needs. The students are intergrated into regular schools, with Dannewerkschule hosting 5 to 7 teachers from the „Förderzentrum“.

They use the whole range of different teaching tools and opportunities to support students individually (tablets, laptops, bring-your-own devices, also non-digital such as the classical books, analog work equipment, work materials for art lessons, etc.). In order to achieve equal educational opportunities, all materials and work equipment are provided free of charge by the school.

Every teacher and student has access to the  learning platform. On this platform, there is a dedicated space for each subject, including all tasks. This is also used for distance learning.

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