Austrian secondary school looking for partner school from Spain and Norway

Објавено: 10.08.2022

Our short term projects topic is OUR FUTURE FOOD.
We want to visit a school in Norway this fall, and a school in Spain in spring 2023. We offer those schools to come to Austria and visit us as well. We want to work on the topic by using different methods like workshops, exkursions, researches and presentations, etc

The Norwegian students should be between 17-19 years old.
The Spanish students should be between 15-17 years old.
We would like to visit you for a preperatory visit.

Вид на организацијата што ја барате
Училиште/Центар за обука
Се бара земја на организација
Норвешка; Шпанија
Специфични приоритети во областа на училишното образование
Промовирање на сеопфатен пристап кон наставата и учењето јазик
15.08.2022 » 30.04.2023
Училиште/Центар за обука
Vienna, Австрија

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Објавено на Núria Camps

Hello, I'm a Spanish teacher from a Banyoles, a town near Barcelona. My secundary school would like to collaborate in a international project, Erasmus+. We could be interested in your project. Please contact me by email:

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Објавено на Balog Dana

hello, We are secondary school from Romania, Transylvani, and we have a rich experience in E+ projects as coordinator and partner. We would like to join you in this project and can host you when you decide. Our students are from 15 to 19 years old. We live in a multiethnic community Romanians, Hungarians and some Germans and we can share with your our experience We can be helpfull in writing the application form if you agree you can email us to

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Објавено на Jana Piotraschke

Hi, we are a secondary school in the north of Germany (STRALSUND) with lots of Erasmus+ experience. We are accreditated. For a group of 14 students (aged 14-15) we are looking for partners to work together on an English speaking project about healthy lifestyle (environment, sport, healthy diet, motivation, digital skills...). We intend to start in December 2022. Apart from digital work we also want to include visiting each other and hosting in families. We are looking for two partners to make collaboration more interesting and diverse for students and teachers. As we have never had any projects with Austria, Hungary, northern Italy, Ireland, Malta, Norway and Czech Republic we were pleased to find partners from there. So if you are interested, please, send me an email to Best wishes, Jana (Erasmus+ coordinator)

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Објавено на Faber Futura

Hi!! We have experience in projects ka2. If you like our PIF, or send me a mail: Our school is near to Alicante, in Torrevieja, the city with pink lagoon

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Објавено на Valentina Popovska

If you need another school that will offer you, and walk, food and explore, we are here. I am from Skopje, North Macedonia. My address:

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