Guardians of the Nature

Објавено: 04.08.2022

In this project the students get to know the nature as source of welth and happines. We work on the citizenship making a "natureship". We will see in practique activities in nature such us orienteering, hicking, voluntier workshops of planting and making birds cages
The students also will get to know our heritage an cultural background. The students will stay at hosting families as best opiton.
If interested please contact:

Before the mobility the partners will work on the Natural-urban species we want to study. What kind of birds and species are in danger or we want to make shelters, or promote. All focusing on puting this into action when the mobility arrives. In every hosting country we show our partners our richness and favourite nature places where we are to intervine. We will enjoy Nature in some outodoors activities (orienteeering, kayaking, hicking,...) and will do some works as voluntieers of nature (planting seeds, birds shelter workshops, or similiar activities....)

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IES Bahía de Almería
Училиште/Центар за обука
Almería, Шпанија

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Објавено на Verginia Veselinova

Hello. friends, I'm very interested in this topic about NATURE! I would like to work with your school! I'm a primary teacher in a Secondary school in Sofia, Bulgaria. Vitosha mountain is a nature park which is the symbol of Sofia. The students in our school have a lot of Art and Music lessons and we can create cross curriculum lessons about Nature, Art, Music, Science. My mail is I'm waiting for your mail!

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Објавено на Fatma Sülün

Hello, I was interested in your title because we were thinking of working on a project similar to this title and we started to do some work. If you accept us as partners in this project, I believe that it will be a very good work. I am a german teacher in a science high school. We have received European awards in the eTwinning program, European and national quality labels for our projects. We have also received the European school label. We have already completed 2 Erasmus+KA2 programs. My students are 15-17 years old. They all know English, and German is their second foreign langugage . I hope we work together

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IES Bahía de Almería
IES  Bahía de Almería


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