Accredited Spanish school looks for accredited partners for a project

Објавено: 06.10.2021

Our school has been accredited by Erasmus+ and wants to start a project focused on students with special needs (ADD, Asperger, etc.) in ordinary schools. The theme is open for discussion, but it could revolve around European cultural heritage. Our students are aged 12 to 16. Ready to start as soon as possible.

Collaborative tasks on Twinspace and exchange meetings.

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IES Ruiz de Alda
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San Javier, Шпанија

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Објавено на Daniela Dvořáková

Hello, our school would like to cooperate with a European primary school on a project which could involve email exchange, chatting, online meeting etc. Our students are aged 13 - 16 and they study both English and also Spanish. We would like to promote language learning and mainly practical use of foreign languages. We do not have any experience with Erasmus + , but we would really like to find a school which would like to cooperate with us. If you are interested to cooperate with us, please contact me: Thank you.

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Објавено на abdullah kayikci

Hello, our school is a vocational high school with special needs students. There is an ERASMUS project that our school is currently running. We also want to create a project for individuals with special needs. If you are interested and would like to cooperate: Best Regards

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Објавено на silvia belicchi

HI, I'm a techer in Rome and i'm very interested in this project. I teach in a high school and our student are from 14 to 18 years old. We have a long experience in Erasmus project and mobilities. We have a long tradition in inclusion ,'cause our students are from disadvantages social background and have special needs.Could you give me more information about your project? I look forward from hearing to you at my address Silvia

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IES Ruiz de Alda
IES Ruiz de Alda


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