Looking for a partner/coordinator in KA210

Објавено: 04.10.2021


We're a group of teachers from a private primary school in Poland, Warsaw.
We'd love to start a KA210 project (partnership, small scale).

Our main goal is to share and exchange good practises between schools regarding the following topics:
- supporting students with learning issues
- motivating students
- promoting healthy lifestyle
- raising cultural awareness
- developing linguistic skills
- acquiring new teaching methods and strategies

We'd like to start cooperation with a partner willing to get involved in a practical project, which would entail mobility of both students and teachers.

We intend to apply in November 2021. If you find our ideas interesting, please contact us at: msokol@verne.edu.pl or bpikula@verne.edu.pl (CC the other person, please)

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Објавено на Tahir Yorulmaz

Hello I am Tahir from Antalya Turkey If you want a partner or applicant from Turkey, we would like to take part in your project.

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Објавено на Cati Mitrache

Hi! I am from Terpezița, Romania. It is a small locality in the rural area, south-east of Romania. Our school has about 100 students, 4-14 years old. I would like to be the coordinator in this partnership. I have no experience in projects, but it would be a great advantage to get approved and work together. What do you say? Send me a message at catimitrache@gmail.com, please. All the best!

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Niepubliczna Szkoła Podstawowa im. Juliusza Verne'a w Warszawie
Niepubliczna Szkoła Podstawowa im. Juliusza Verne'a w Warszawie


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