Global citizenship for adults

Објавено: 30.09.2021

We are looking for partners interested in a cooperation partnership (KA210-ADU or KA220-ADU) related to sustainability and global citizenship for adults.

It is not just children or students who need to be committed to the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, so we plan to develop strategies to achieve greater awareness and engagement among adults in Europe.

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We are the district directorate of national education in Tekirdağ-Çorlu. All education and training institutions in the district are affiliated to our directorate. This includes organizations providing adult education. We can discuss about your project. Please write to us. e-mail:

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Објавено на Piotr Strzemieczny

Dear Sirs, Our association is interested in participating in your project erasmus +, so if you need partners from Poland, I'm sending some information about our institution NEW CULTURE AND EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. Our Association was a coordinator of the international project "Building up the health awareness among parents" , ""Look at yourself - parents toward situations causing aggression"and partner - "Engage", - project for seniors, Game on - for seniors, NESTT: New European Settings for Teachers and Teaching (coordinator from Braga), #Unexcited and Picte_HIV (coordinator from Austria) More information about us you can find here: [1] and here I'm looking forward to hearing from you and some information about the project. Best regards Piotr Strzemieczny --- Pozdrawiam/Best Regards Piotr Strzemieczny Stowarzyszenie Nowa Kultura i Edukacja [2]

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Fundación Avantia
Fundación Avantia


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