Digital competences and skills in schools

Image: ©Lev Dolgachov

Watch this webinar to know more about digital competences, and how they can be applied in schools and classrooms.

10 December 2019 | Duration: 60 min

Speakers: Peter Birch, Coordinator for Education Policy and Systems Analysis at the Eurydice Network, European Commission; Seán Gallagher, Director of Incorporation at St Angela's College, Sligo

Digital competences are part of the European Commission’s key competences for life-long learning. The recent Eurydice report recognizes the importance of developing the relevant digital competences to learners and teachers, as well as the pedagogical use of technology in teaching, learning and assessment. This Webinar presents some key findings from the Eurycide report that provides concrete examples on how countries are addressing and tackling different aspects related to digital competences.

During the Webinar practical examples are presented from a school that has taken part in the European Commission’s SELFIE tool, which helps schools to embed digital technologies in their practices of teaching, learning and assessment.

Watch the recording:



Peter Birch portrait

Peter Birch is Coordinator for Education Policy and Systems Analysis in the Eurydice Network at the Executive Agency Education Audiovisual and Culture of the European Commission. He has been coordinating reports on teachers in Europe and collaborating on a number of reports dealing with staff in higher education, transnational mobility of HE students, and school evaluation. Lately, he has co-authored the Eurydice report on Digital Education at School in Europe. He has a degree in foreign languages and Master degree in Education with the Open University UK. He has been involved in projects dealing with e-learning, language learning, and school quality assurance. He has experience as teacher and trainer.

Seán Gallagher portrait

Seán Gallagher is Director of Incorporation at St. Angela’s College, Sligo. From 2012 to 2017, Seán was seconded to the role of Deputy Director of the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) in Ireland with responsibility for the provision of supports to schools as to how digital technologies can be integrated into teaching, learning and assessment. He has collaborated with the Joint Research Centre in Seville and was the national coordinator in Ireland for the SELFIE pilot project. He has contributed to teacher publications in Ireland and has been a regular speaker/workshop facilitator at education conferences focussing on the use of digital technologies in education.