Publicēts: 20.10.2020

We are planning a Strategic Partnership project in the field of Erasmus+ School Education. We are planning to prepare a playbook to protect our children from these effects in the Covid-19 epidemic in the opened K227 process. Here we will get to know the games in different cultures of the world by taking advantage of the unifying power of the game.

Our project has partners from Spain and Portugal, but it is planned to create more different games by expanding our partners. In our project, a joint study will be carried out between Istanbul Gelişim University academicians with the ideas and games of our partners.

. Since we are the District Directorate of National Education, there are 72.598 students and 3016 teachers connected to our institution. Our project about Inclusive Education was accepted in the 2020 application period K101.In 2018, our K201 project on Stem and Coding was accepted and a digital tool was developed as a project output.

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Augstākā izglītība; Valdības institūcija
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Apvienotā Karaliste; Beļģija; Dānija; Francija; Grieķija; Igaunija; Itālija; Latvija; Lietuva; Malta; Nīderlande; Polija; Rumānija; Slovākija; Somija; Ungārija; Vācija; Zviedrija; Čehija; Īrija
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Selahaddin-Müzeyyen Kaçaker Anaokulu (eTwinning apstiprināts)

Avcılar, Turcija

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Publicēja Egina Italia

Hello, I am responsible for the Erasmus projects of a school located in Magione, in the centre of Italy. It has students aged 3-11; an interest in numerical intelligence, music, reading, language skills. If interested please contact me at valentinabrilli@egina.eu mentioning the project. Thank you, Valentina

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Publicēja Nadia Circu

Hi, I am Nadia, teacher of ICT at The Teaching Staff House from Neamt County, Romania, a resource, educational and managerial training centre for teachers, with the role of promoting innovation and reform in education, in correlation with professional standards for the teaching profession, quality standards and professional competencies, as well as in line with national education policies and strategies. We have specialists in all educational topics. If you are looking for a hardworking, reliable and committed project partner, our centre would be a great option for you. If you accept me as your partner, please send me more details about the project. best regards, Nadia My email is: rushhour_2009@yahoo.com

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