Vocational Training at an Office of Public Accountant

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Bülent Güleniş who is one of the most successful public accountants in the city of Afyonkarahisar and the Eagean region of Turkey is ready tos hare his experiences with your VET students. He is young and energytic with a 7-year experience in the field. He is also interested in IPARD Projects funded by European Commision and has performed more than 185 project since the programme was launched in Turkey. He is eager tos hare his experiences and teach your students the practicalities and the key points of his profession during a 15-day vocational training period.
At the end of the vocational training period, your VET students will,
- Focus on accounting systems and how they contribute to the cost-effective operation of businesses and organizations,
- Get knowledge of cost behaviors, accounting system design, relevant cost analysis, direct costing, transfer pricing and budgeting,
- focus on the preparation of financial statements,
- explore consolidated financial statements, foreign operations, business combinations and accounting methods related to trusts and estates,
- explore the techniques used in investigating financial reports and accounting systems,
- learn baout transaction cycles, fund accounting, official pronouncements and ethical implications

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