In Sandıklı, Afyonkarahisar, The elderly people are taken care of in an healthy environment. This is the first thermal Elderly Care and Nursing Home of Turkey.
The Nursing Centre, with its experienced and qualified staff will lead your vocational school students observe and learn;
- How to help elderly people and their loved ones to adjust the transition which will take some time normally,
- How to deal with the elders who need special care and help,
- How to take care of their medical situations,
- How to organize activities for their socialization
- How to prepare phsyco-social programmes for the elderly people according to their personal situations,
- Adhering to the privacy policy, how to report all the current situations related to the elderly people separately and maket he proper documentation of them,
- Within the framework of social responsibility, to organize activitiesprogrammes in correlation with the voluntary organizations and the volunteers who perform there.

At the end of 15-day vocational training programme, a certificate of participation signed by both the Vocational Centre and Anatolia Education and Consultation will be given to the VET students and their teachers or leaders.
Each student will be asked to fill an observation sheet and write personal reports daily in order to check the quality of the vocational training programme designed by our centre. These observation sheets and reports will be feedback both for us and the participants.

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