In Europe Schools: a unique exchange project for European schools

In Europe Schools has made teaching history a lot more exciting! In this European exchange project, students film and compare their research on themes like “difficult histories”, climate change and migration. After a successful piloting phase, VPRO and EuroClio are hosting a new round.

Once schools sign up, they are matched with partner schools throughout Europe to start working on an Education Kit, focusing on Difficult History, Migration, Climate Change or Gender Equality. Each Kit includes teacher and student materials and consists of four steps: introduction, in-depth analysis, the making of a documentary, and, finally, sharing the videos with the partner school abroad.

The Kits are centred on certain research questions for students to answer throughout the course of the project. For instance, the Climate Change Education Kit asks: How should we deal with climate change?

To conduct research and make their documentaries, students are asked to work in groups of four, where each student is assigned one of the following roles: researcher, interviewer, cameraman/woman and editor. All roles are extensively explained in tutorials made by the VPRO. The researcher, for example, is responsible for searching for stories, main persons, archive material, and historical background articles.

Once the documentary has been edited, it is time to exchange videos with the partner school to see how the same topic is approached differently. The tutorials and documentaries completed during the pilot phase are available on the In Europe Schools YouTube channel.

For an overview of all materials, more information and registration for the new round starting in November, please visit the project website.


EuroClio – European Association of History Educators was founded in 1992 with a mission to inspire and empower educators to engage learners in innovative and responsible history and citizenship education.