Teaching in natural and cultural places

Image: Mihai Surdu / Unsplash

Join this webinar that presents evidence from research and practice about teaching outside the classroom in natural and cultural places.

Tuesday 31 May | 16:00 CEST

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What is this webinar about?

The webinar starts with an overview of what can be considered as ‘Outside the Classroom’, moving form Outdoor Adventure Activities towards curriculum based teaching outside the Classroom (e.g. in museums) in school subjects, framed by pedagogical models. Furthermore, recent research concerning the students outcomes will be presented.

Drawing on the experience from the Nordic countries, the second part of the webinar fosters a better understanding of the importance of developing structure, habits and routines, as well as strategies for overcoming the barriers, that can be experienced by the teacher.

There will be time for questions and remarks during and after the webinar.

Speaker panel

Karen Barfod

Karen Barfod is a senior lecturer and research leader in outdoor studies at VIA University College, Denmark, Department of Teacher Education. She holds a MA in biology and PE, and a PhD from University of Copenhagen entitled ‘Teaching Outside the Classroom – perspectives on the Teachers Role’. Her current research concerns quantity and quality of Out-of-Classroom teaching. In 2014, she was awarded with the national Outdoor teaching prize (Udeskoleprisen); and in 2022 she was awarded by the NOVO Foundation as ‘Best lecturer in Science at the Teacher Education in Denmark’.

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