Educational activism: how teachers can empower school students

During the pandemic, democratic spaces have been shrinking all across Europe - be it at a political level or at a school decision-making level. Watch this webinar to learn about the experience of a school student representative with educational activism: what it is, why it is important, and what role teachers play in empowering young people to speak their minds and fight for their rights, regardless of their age and background.

20 January 2022 | Duration: 65 min

Communicative activity


What was this webinar about?

The presentation opens by addressing the formation of a school student's council at a local level, and how teachers can play a key role in enabling school students to self-organise and to fight for their rights. 

The webinar provides also personal examples from the facilitators' experience, meant to highlight both DOs and DON'Ts when it comes to involving school students in decision-making processes at a school level.

Speaker panel

Rares VoicuRares Voicu has been an activist for school students' rights for over 5 years, having worked at a local, regional, national and currently international level, as a Board member of OBESSU. He is passionate about enabling young people to understand the importance of speaking up and defending their rights. He currently is part of the European Commission Sub-group on Pathways to School Success and is also pursuing the Global Law Bachelor at Tilburg University, in the Netherlands.

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