BUILDING A POSITIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT- Classroom management, communication skills, effective teaching and learning (6-day)

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A positive, productive learning environment in the classroom is fundamental to students' academic, emotional and social success and progress. Teachers who establish classrooms that are supportive, caring, challenging, and academically strong build a positive learning environment. Classroom management techniques; communication skills; effective strategies for teaching and learning; discipline methods; effective routines and climate are basic components of a positive learning environment in the classroom that allows students to feel comfortable and safe; enhance their motivation and progress; and develop the sense of belonging.

This 6-day course gives participants theoretical background about how to build a positive learning environment in classroom and in school, as well as practical guidelines to integrate activities and implement programmes across the areas of curriculum and school life. Discussions, site visits and group work will enrich sharing ideas and exchange of practice between participants. There is also the possibility to extend the course to 7-day.

The cost for 6-day course is 480 euro and for 7-day course is 560 euro. It includes course fees, course material, entrance to museums and tours.

During the course, participants will:
• examine techniques for effective Classroom management
• examine routines, norms and practices that improve teaching and learning
• discover ways to develop Teacher –student relationships and communication skills with the students
• learn techniques to maximize students’ attention
• learn productive ways for time management and controlling stress and pressure
• understand and address students’ diversity during teaching
• learn ways to handle behavioral problems like indiscipline, racism and bullying
• examine the use of technology for classroom management; for sharing data & communication; for creative activities
• observe and discuss recorded teaching lessons
• visit sites, museums and monuments in Cyprus and plan activities/ programmes

After confirming registration, participants will be informed about the details of the course (arrival, daily programme). Participants will be able to introduce themselves and bring a few examples of routines and practices that they apply to their teaching.

• The importance of a positive learning environment
• A positive learning environment & Lifelong learning skills
• Activities for team building
• Classroom management
• Teaching procedures and routines
• ICT tools for sharing data & communication

• Classroom setup
• Teacher –student relationships
• Communication skills
• Activities that encourage communication
• Non-verbal communication
• Time management
• Maximizing students’ attention
• ICT tools for creative activities
• Teaching & learning outdoors
• Teaching & learning outdoors

• Visit to Limassol Old city center, Carob Mill Museum, Medieval Castle & Museum and other monuments
• Doing activities in the city center.
• Data collection for the group work

• Controlling stress
• Interactive teaching strategies
• Understanding and addressing students’ diversity
• How do we deal with classroom diversity?
• Multicultural & Intercultural education
• Intercultural activities in a multicultural classroom
• Handling indiscipline and other behavoural problems
• Activities that enhance the sense of belonging

• Dealing with racism
• Dealing with bullying
• Good practices for facing behavioural problems
• Teaching skills & teachers’ competence
• Activities in
-Limassol Archaeological museum
-Municipal Gallery
• Data collection for group work.

• School climate & policy
• Curriculum
• Dealing with parents
• Relationships with staff and administration
• Activities for Secondary Education
• Participants complete the group work, presentation of group work, review of the course, certificates.

DAY 7 (optional)
• Visit to Paphos Archaeological Park with Roman mosaics, Paphos Medieval Castle and port.


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The course I attended was focused on learning and communication methodology and strategies, as well as on teaching tools and software for managing the work of teachers, using new teaching techniques that make it possible to organize activities aimed at the different level of groups present in each class. Particular attention was given to teaching techniques that are aimed at attracting and motivating young people, trying to create a stimulating environment and one that is conducive to learning, while also taking into account the needs, interests and needs of those young people. The experience can be considered highly educational: it has improved my professional skills, also thanks to the discussion and exchange of good practices with the teachers of the course. Acquiring new teaching methodologies allows us teachers to become closer to the way of thinking of the young people in our classes. This experience of mobility was unforgettable for me, as it met all my expectations, and more. It helped me a lot in developing my skills, in relation to my course and to myself as a person. The course was full of ideas that can certainly be shared with my colleagues. Through this course I have gained a greater awareness of my potential as well as of my professional skills, and I am sure that my experience will also have a positive impact on my students. Another fundamental strong point was the opportunity to meet other colleagues, to enter the network, to share good practices and to acquire elements of didactic innovation that will help me to rethink my own practices and experiment new ones. The experience with the provider was positive and gave me the opportunity to undertake a path of professional growth.

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