Digitalization in education

Identified as Technology Age, 21st century has necessitated different structuring and reforms in education for more meaningful and permanent learning. In this information and technology age, for an educated society and a successful education, it is necessary for our teachers to follow the developments and use the technology in a meaningful way to contribute to students’ learning. Despite this, our teachers at school need to have the necessary information, skills and attitude.
Individuals and societies supply their needs in an easier way with the help of technology. That is why the importance of using technology in education is improving day by day. With the usage of technology in education;
Making the learning-teaching process more efficient
Helping individual education occur
Improving and adopting Education Programs according to students’ abilities
Making revisions easier
Providing education boundless to time and place
By using different materials in multiple environments ensuring the permanent education
Improving the quality of information technology in education in our country
With the help of information technologies getting our students to have more permanent and active learning is aimed.

In addition, we aim our participants to be
Easy to adopt to technology use,
Not afraid of technology use,
Happy to share their information,
Communicative enough with their environment,
Able to think logically and scientifically,
Happy to share cultures,
A good follower of recent developments closely.
Each course can be programmed on the needs of teachers and schools.

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