Integrating Migrants and Refugees at School


The course will explore the practicalities of integrating migrant and refugee children in the school community and will look at how teachers can work at a very practical level with such students in their classrooms.
Participants will explore pedagogical approaches and activities that support the integration of migrant and refugee children in the classroom and school. Participants will also gain an understanding of requirements and strategies to support students who do not understand or speak the main language of instruction.

During the course participants will reflect on and develop a set of targets, ideas and actions to support migrant and refugee children in their school. They will also discuss pedagogical strategies that work with non-native speakers in their classroom, and will identify key contacts at school and local level, such as psychologists, local councillors, parents, etc. that can support them in addressing some of the challenges that the integration of migrant and refugee children brings to the school and classroom.
Furthermore, the course offers participants the opportunity to connect with peers who are facing similar challenges.

This course has been developed by Carol Barriuso, in close collaboration with the School Education Gateway.

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Teacher Academy by School Education Gateway

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23.05.2022 > 06.06.2022


Teacher Academy by School Education Gateway
Teacher Academy by School Education Gateway
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