Best Educational Apps for Future Teachers

Learning being infinitely complex , can be best summarized as that people remember:

• 10 percent of what they READ
• 20 percent of what they HEAR
• 30 percent of what they SEE
• 50 percent of what they SEE and HEAR
• 70 percent of what they SAY and WRITE
• 90 percent of what they DO.

This is wisdom that we, as professionals/teachers/educators, ought to integrate technology into our teaching designs.

That is the truth that students learn better when they are exposed to different teaching approaches appealing their visual, audio,audiovisual ,and kıneasthetıc abilities.So the teachers and educators need to improve themselves about the effectıve usage of current trends ın technology ın their classes to ensure effectıve teachıng. Teachers&Educators are expected to be up-to-date on - and be proficient in - the newest technology in the classroom
So with this course we aim to introduce the participants/teachers/educators to the mostly used educatıonal applicatıons, programs, ınteractıve&smart boards, creatıon and adaptatıon of photos and audiovisual resources(movies,videos etc,) to design their own teaching materials and teach every subject in a more effective way

Besides usıng technology densely İn their classrooms, the participants are also goıng to learn how to motivate their students to be more creatıve and ınnovatıve by usıng the strength of art, music, sports and ICT

Period and venue can be freely chosen by the sending organisation, upon request and after checking our availability. Please note that this course is offered on various dates throughout the year. It is also possible to organise tailor made courses.

At the end of the course, each participant will be awarded with the Europass Mobility Certificate, together with a certificate of attendance.

Course Fee
The courses last for seven days start on Sunday afternoon and ends on Saturday afternoon is 560 Euro
The courses last for five days start on sunday afternoon and ends on Thursday afternoon is 400 Euro
For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us .We will be delighted to find out the best solution for you. Together.

For the detailed training programme and course locations, please have a look at our website.

For requests and information email us to

Please contact us for tailor-made training programmes and other dates

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Inanlı Language Center (OID:E10189593) Pamercourses
iSTANBUL, Turkija

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Inanlı Language Center (OID:E10189593) Pamercourses
Inanlı Language Center (OID:E10189593) Pamercourses
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